College Cost Database

What’s the Actual Cost of that College?

Students and families often look only at a college’s sticker price as they try to determine affordability. Unfortunately, this is only one part of the equation and relying on it is ill-advised. To help you make a well-informed decision, Complete College Advising has created a College Cost Database.

This searchable/sortable data for over 5,000 colleges and universities shows:
 -the average cost of tuition
 -the average total cost for students living on campus (both in-state and out-of-state)
 -the average net cost for students once aid from the colleges is applied (not including state, federal or private grants and scholarships)
 -the four-year graduation rate for a bachelor’s degree

At Complete College Advising, we are excited to bring this data to families so you can:
Maximize your Return on Investment by choosing majors with favorable ROI, which optimizes long-term financial success.
Create Realistic Expectations and allows families to set realistic career expectations and prevent post-graduation disappointment.
-Empower Parental Guidance and enable parents to provide informed guidance on education and career choices.

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