What’s better: Getting all A’s, or getting B’s in advanced classes?

It’s a trick question. Whether you want to get admitted to a selective college, graduate debt free, or maximize your earning potential after college, you need to do both. Let’s talk about the importance of each option.

Why are A’s so important?

  1. College admissions: Most colleges and universities consider a student’s high school GPA in their admissions decisions. A high GPA, especially one with straight A’s, can demonstrate your academic ability and potential for success in college.
  2. Scholarships: Many scholarships are based on academic achievements like high school GPA. Less selective colleges often have guaranteed academic scholarships that are just based on your GPA.
  3. Honors and awards: Some high schools offer honors or awards for GPAs which can be an important way to demonstrate academic excellence on a college application or resume.

There are several reasons why AP/IB/dual enrollment (advanced) classes can be just as important, though!

  1. College credit: Advanced classes offer the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Many colleges and universities offer credit for good scores or grades in AP/IB/dual enrollment classes or advanced placement to students who score well on AP/IB exams. This let’s you complete your degree faster, save money on tuition and start your career sooner. Or, you might choose to take a lighter course load while completing a study abroad or internship experience and still graduate on time!
  2. College readiness: Advanced classes can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in college-level coursework.
  3. Demonstrated academic ability: Advanced classes can help demonstrate your academic ability and potential to colleges and universities. Earning high grades in advanced classes and performing well on AP/IB exams can help set you apart from other applicants for admission and scholarships.
  4. Interest in a subject and finding a career: If you are interested in a particular subject, taking an advanced class can allow you to explore it subject in greater depth. This can help you develop a deeper understanding and potentially help you decide on a college major or career path.

Although it might feel impossible to both maintain a great GPA and also take advanced classes, keep in mind that many schools offer a weighted GPA that counts B’s in an advanced class the same as an A in a non-advanced one. I’m here to help you weigh the advantages of each class and help you pick the courses that are best for your interests and career. Let’s sit down together and I’ll help you choose!

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