What to Expect When You Work With CCA

What to Expect When You Work
With CCA

Ideally, we should meet in-person or virtually once per semester in 9th-11th grades to make sure that your student is on track to reach their goals.
Senior year is the time when the application and financial aid processes really accelerate and we should meet twice per semester to maximize chances for acceptance and aid at all of the schools your student has chosen to apply to.

You can purchase individual sessions for specific services at $200 per session. Families that elect for 4 years of mentoring and advising receive ten sessions at 25% off for a 4-year total of $1500.  Even students who earn just one class of college credit will see a 100% return on their investment. Most students will be able to earn more and increase their chances of earning college scholarships- making personalized advice from Complete College Advising one of the best ways that you can reduce the cost of a college degree!

9th Grade10th Grade11th GradeSenior Year
AcademicsWe advise on course selection.We advise on the selection of AP/IB/dual enrollment courses that will count toward college requirements and save on tuition!  We guide you on who to ask for college recommendations and when you should ask for them.We develop an individualized plan for retaking and submitting standardized tests like SAT and ACT.
Career Exploration We provide free career assessments: Keirsey Temperament Sorter, and O*net Interest Profiler and follow-up with personalized recommendations based on your student’s interests, temperament and career opportunities that pay well and have bright futures right in your community!We collaborate to build a resume that is formatted for college applications.   
College SelectionWe create a formal college visit and application strategy with a calendar of tasks.

We provide a free college interest, visits and application tracking tool.  
 We assist in defining and refining your list of potential colleges based on your interests and academics.   
College ApplicationsWe provide free tracking tools that will help your student compile all of the information they need to get admitted. We develop an individualized plan for standardized tests like SAT and ACT. This includes advise on whether to submit scores to each college and whether your student should retake their tests.We collaborate to brainstorm and proofread college essays and personal statements for admissions, scholarships and special academic programs (like honors programs).

We create a timeline for requesting and submitting transcripts, recommendations and other high school materials

We review and proofread all application materials prior to submission and develop a strategy for final college selection. 
Scholarships and Financial AidWe provide free tracking tools that will help your student compile all of the information they need to get more scholarships.We give personalized education and recommendations to prepare you ahead of time for the financial aid process.   
We provide resources for financial aid opportunities, including high school, regional, state and federal scholarships.

We review financial aid award letters from multiple schools to determine the best financial fits.

We provide free access to the Complete College Advising Scholarship Tracking Tool.

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