As a financial planner, one of your primary goals is to help your clients achieve their long-term financial success, which often includes planning for their children’s education. With our expertise in college planning, CCA will help your clients navigate the complex college planning process, reduce their financial stress, and achieve their long-term financial goals.

  1. Expertise in Maximizing College ROI
Nationwide, only one in eight college students is awarded a scholarship (Kantrowitz, 2019)

As a leader in college admissions and financial aid for over 15 years, I will share in-depth knowledge of the college application process, financial aid, scholarships, and other aspects of college planning. The goal is to help students graduate sooner and start their careers earlier. This means thousands of dollars in tuition savings and tens of thousands in increased earning potential.

Over my career, I’ve awarded over $25 million in private scholarships and have the expertise to help families navigate the complex world of college admissions and financial aid. At CCA, we will help your clients maximize their financial aid eligibility, identify scholarships and grants, and explore options like work-study and student loans. We can also help your clients select the right college based on their academic, social, and financial needs.

2. A Comprehensive College Planning Strategy

Less than 1 in 500 students will receive $25,000 or more in scholarships (Unigo, 2021)

I will provide your clients with a comprehensive college planning strategy and help them select the right college based on their academic, social, and financial needs. College planning can be stressful, especially for families who are trying to balance competing financial priorities. By referring your clients to CCA, you can help reduce their financial stress. We will work with them to identify the most cost-effective college options and help them understand the long-term financial implications of their decisions.
For example, I regularly advise clients on ways that their student(s) can earn college credits for free while they are enrolled in high school. Consider that the average class at a 4-year college costs over $2000 with books and the savings adds up very quickly. Credits earned this way can help a student student to graduate sooner or avoid falling behind or losing their financial aid if they struggle in a course when they get to college. 

3. Save Your Time and Increase Client Satisfaction and Loyalty

Less than 60% of scholarships can be found through a Google search (Scholly, 2020)

By referring your clients to a CCA, you can increase their satisfaction with your services and build loyalty. Your clients will appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond to help them achieve their financial goals, and they will be more likely to refer their friends and family to you.
College planning is time-consuming and complex, and it can take away from the time you have to focus on other aspects of your clients’ financial planning needs. Let CCA handle the college planning process, allowing you to focus on other areas of your clients’ financial planning needs.

What your clients need to know:

The ideal lifecycle is 10 session, beginning in 9th grade and may include:
-Career Exploration and Advising
-Advising on course selection
-Creation of a formal college visit and application strategy
-Brainstorming and proofreading college essays
-Personalized education and recommendations for the financial aid process
Typical cost for 4 years of advising is under than $2000- less than the cost of one class with books at an average 4-year school.
Five out of every six parents and educators agreed that I was more helpful than anyone else who advised their students on ways to pay for college.

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