Is a Degree Worth It? We Have the Data.

Introducing the Complete College Advising ROI Database

Families often ask me whether college (or a specific major) will pay off with long-term earnings. This searchable/sortable data will show you what an average graduate from any one of over 30,000 degrees can expect to make right after graduation (age 25), about halfway into their career (age 45) and the lifetime return on investment (ROI).

Return on Investment (ROI) in the final column is calculated as: Average salary after pursuing this degree from this college (including those who do not graduate) – average salary if the student did not attend college – the cost of tuition, housing, meals and lost earnings while attending college= ROI after factoring in cost of attendance and graduation rate

At Complete College Advising, we are excited to bring this data to families so you can:
Maximize your Return on Investment by choosing majors with favorable ROI, which optimizes long-term financial success.
Create Realistic Expectations and allows families to set realistic career expectations and prevent post-graduation disappointment.
-Empower Parental Guidance and enable parents to provide informed guidance on education and career choices.

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