How We Help

Spend less and graduate with less debt.

The average cost of college is $35,551 per year. Scholarships and grants are an important part of reducing that number. I have have helped to award over $25 million dollars in private scholarships. I know where to look for scholarships and how your student can earn (more than) their fair share.

We will to ensure that your student applies for scholarships in the right places with the best essays and recommendations possible.

I will help your student earn their degree and start their career sooner.

Did you know that your student is almost as likely to take 6 years to get their bachelor’s degree as they are to graduate in 4 years?

Research from the University of Nebraska found that each year a student spends in college beyond what is necessary costs them over $100,000 in earnings over their career. This is the single biggest college ROI opportunity that most families miss.

By partnering early in your student’s high school career, we can choose the correct classes and opportunities to will help them to graduate on time or early.

Match to the best college and extracurriculars for a better college experience.

Lots of websites provide generic advice about the college exploration process. But your student is unique. We’ll collaborate on a personalized plan to find a school your student will love.

The perfect college doesn’t exist, but there are colleges that will fit your student- academically, financially and socially- better than others. Gallup and Purdue University found, “The type of school alumni went to — public or private, small or large, very selective or less selective — was far less likely to be related to the quality of alumni’s lives after they graduated than specific experiences they had in college.”