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College Degree Return on Investment (ROI) Database
This searchable/sortable data will show you what an average graduate from any one of over 30,000 degrees can expect to make:
-right after graduation (age 25)
-about halfway into their career (age 45)
-and the lifetime return on investment (ROI).

College Cost Database
This searchable/sortable data for over 5,000 colleges and universities shows:
 -the average cost of tuition
 -the average total cost for students living on campus (both in-state and out-of-state)
 -the average net cost for students once aid from the colleges is applied (not including state, federal or private grants and scholarships)
 -the four-year graduation rate for a bachelor’s degree

Keep track of college interest, visits and applications with the downloadable 
Complete College Advising College Comparison Spreadsheet.

Should I send my SAT/ACT scores to a college? Downloadable decision chart

I retook my SAT/ACT, should I send the new scores to a college? Downloadable decision chart.

Keep track of scholarships that you have applied to and received
with the Complete College Advising Scholarship Tracking spreadsheet.