Frequently asked questions

  • Madison Kowaleski, Special Education Teacher

    Anderson gave me the courage to try new things, which shaped my college career. For example, he gave me the courage to speak in public, and now I’m a teacher who does it all the time!

  • Graduate sooner and start your career earlier!Graduate sooner and start your career earlier!

    Student rating for "Advice regarding graduating from college on time or early (i.e. taking AP/dual enrollment classes or summer classes)."

  • Better advice and better resultsBetter advice and better results

    Five out of every six parents and educators agreed that I was more helpful than anyone else who advised their students on ways to pay for college.

  • Sloane S., Parent

    Anderson, you went above and beyond and shown such kindness as you helped our son apply for and earn scholarships. The scholarships he has been awarded will take a huge weight off his shoulders and allow him to focus on his academic and running career.

  • Superior Academic AdviceSuperior Academic Advice

    Student rating for "Advice regarding your major, academic classes, and academic extracurriculars."

  • Sydney McConkey, Nurse Practitioner, Aesthetic MedicineSydney McConkey, Nurse Practitioner, Aesthetic Medicine

    Anderson was always so helpful when it came to planning classes and [advice on] what was best for scholarships.

  • Kim Deland, Michigan College Access NetworkKim Deland, Michigan College Access Network

    You rock! Yale High School is truly blessed to have such a dedicated and invested person to show our students the college “ropes.” You’ve made such a difference for our school.

  • Hannah T., Class of 2022

    Thank you so much for your help getting admitted and finding scholarships! You have provided me with a great start to college and I can’t wait to see where the next few years take me!

  • Sydney VanPetten, Student Support Specialist – Bay Arenac ISD Career CenterSydney VanPetten, Student Support Specialist – Bay Arenac ISD Career Center

    Anderson knew where I could find scholarships and had advice on what would set me apart from other applicants. He was able to provide me information and directions that were directly related to my family’s situation. He was also knowledgeable about courses, appropriate course loads per semester, and which student organizations would line up with my degree to provide me with experiences directly related to my field of study.

  • Elizabeth Bennett, 3rd-year Nursing and Pre-med Student

    You recommended me to explore a scholarship offering full tuition covered. Then you helped guide me through the application process, all the way up until I received the award! Your guidance and advice throughout this process was integral to my receiving the award and being able to cover the costs associated with my education.

  • Simone Vaughn, Electric Vehicle Product Specialist, General MotorsSimone Vaughn, Electric Vehicle Product Specialist, General Motors

    From the moment I stepped on campus to the time of graduation, I had your continuous support especially when it came to scholarships and financial aid opportunities. You always made sure I knew about FAFSA dates and requirements. I also gained access to a large amount of scholarship opportunities that I wouldn't have had any knowledge of if it wasn't for your guidance.

  • Meg Lalonde, Michigan College Access NetworkMeg Lalonde, Michigan College Access Network

    Thank you for hosting such a great presentation for my students. What I value most is your straightforward, honest, and engaging approach. I have yet to see them get as excited about college as they did when they left your presentation!

  • Cassidy Bachman, Pre-med Student

    The most helpful advice I received from Anderson was to apply early and broadly to scholarships. This helped me fund my tuition mostly through scholarships and decrease the amount of student loans. His advice helped me stay on track for a 4-year graduation. I recently applied to medical school and am currently in the midst of the interviewing process!

  • Andy Kowalczyk Superintendent, Pinconning Area SchoolsAndy Kowalczyk Superintendent, Pinconning Area Schools

    Anderson’s presentation engaged the audience and encouraged students to make the best decision for them. His honesty and integrity were comforting to our students who were stressed about the college decisions that could shape their life. One of the main reasons I wanted Anderson to work with my students is that he cared about them and their future.

  • Brenda J Scramlin, Marketing Director, COPOCO

    The best advice you gave was the importance of understanding your passion may overlap into professions or industry you never dreamed about. Be open minded and exploratory, job shadow and intern every chance you have. And that dual enrollment would mean less money spent on the degree and a chance to graduate early.

  • Get the best college experience!Get the best college experience!

    Student rating for "Advice regarding extracurricular activities that would help you be happy in college and/or prepare you for your career."

  • Ryan Wohlscheid, 3rd-year Chemistry Major, Mathematics Minor

    Anderson’s best advice was taking advantage of using FAFSA and the various scholarships every year. Also, taking advantage of academic activities AP classes in high school because it will save you a lot of time and money down the line.

  • Kasandra Resio, Adolescent Psychiatry Program Manager. CPN certified. BSN and MS.Kasandra Resio, Adolescent Psychiatry Program Manager. CPN certified. BSN and MS.

    You helped me the most by discussing  all my opportunities for current scholarships that I could apply for and then helping me plan for scholarships that were available for my major once I became a student. You heavily encouraged me to reach out to my community for local scholarships and told me to apply for anything and everything because you just never know what you will receive!

    Now I am the Adolescent Psychiatry Program Manager at Skyline Madison.

  • Susan S., Parent

    Thank you for taking so much time with Alaina and I. You explained things and helped us more than anyone has over Alaina’s entire high school career. You are an amazing advisor!

  • Donald Piering, ParentDonald Piering, Parent

    I don’t know if my son would have graduated if it weren’t for your input on how best to structure the curriculum. You helped him manage working FT and being in school with a full load. He has his successful business now as a film maker and photographer.

  • Scott LaMont

    I have never felt so prepared and respected when it comes to my academic and potential career!
    I was not sure what I wanted at first. You asked me what made me happy and that was Theatre. I was super worried about sustainability, so you told me about the teaching route. You heard my concerns and solved them. I have never been so happy! You had advised me on the most bang for my buck (i.e. take summer courses) so not a single penny was wasted.

  • Jeff Dingess, 6th grade teacher, White Pine Middle SchoolJeff Dingess, 6th grade teacher, White Pine Middle School

    You always kept it real, and connected me with the right network of people. Each day, I am grateful for you and everyone who helped me at SVSU.

  • Marin Stevens, cellular biology, molecular biology, and biomedical sciences major on a pre-med track

    Through Anderson’s advice, I was able to receive a full ride scholarship to my first-choice university. He was also able to advise me on which advanced placement classes transferred as which credits in colleges. Through this information, more of my credits have been useful to me in my degree.

  • Lindsay Bitzer, Assistant Principal at Caro Community Schools

    Thanks so much for your willingness to speak with our students. You create a mindset that college is indeed for everyone. We appreciate all that you do for our students and families.

  • Sydney VanPetten, Student Support Specialist – Bay Arenac ISD Career CenterSydney VanPetten, Student Support Specialist – Bay Arenac ISD Career Center

    Anderson genuinely takes the time to get to know you and learn about interests and what you are looking for in college. He is then able to take that information and help you plan for your college experience. I couldn’t recommend working with Anderson enough!

  • Jill Wrzesinski, Director of Assessment, Data, & Technology at Carrollton Public Schools

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our students and their families! You were absolutely fabulous, and I can’t wait for our juniors to hear your presentation this spring.

  • Ella Yantz, first-year student at SVSUElla Yantz, first-year student at SVSU

    Anderson helped me with private scholarship options and looking at Bay Area Community Foundation Scholarships. He helped me to be accepted to U of M and get a full-tuition scholarship at SVSU. I am currently a student at Saginaw Valley State University, and I love where I am because I am close to family and save so much money!

  • Anna Freeman, IT Project ManagerAnna Freeman, IT Project Manager

    I would have never gotten to where I am today without sitting in Anderson’s office after a tour. The most beneficial advice was how to graduate in the best way possible for me. This was based on the financial aspect (how to search for scholarships) as well as my academic success (how to petition classes that I had taken elsewhere to an equivalent course that had a higher course credit).

  • More helpful than anyone…More helpful than anyone…

    91% of students said that I was more helpful than anyone else who advised them on ways to pay for college.

  • Marissa Dobulis, Senior Analytical Specialist, Dow Chemical CompanyMarissa Dobulis, Senior Analytical Specialist, Dow Chemical Company

    Your perspective was invaluable! You encouraged me to go for my PhD, which I received February 2022 in chemistry. You gave me the opportunity to share my science with all sorts of people. This has been a phenomenal journey and I am excited to keep going forward.

  • Allison Hakken, 5th-grade Teacher at Reese Elementary

    Anderson helped me format almost all my scholarship essays and I received over $38,000 in scholarships! He also connected me with a certification officer who helped plan out my whole degree after I switched majors.

  • Emma DeJager, ER Nurse and Clinical Instructor for SVSUEmma DeJager, ER Nurse and Clinical Instructor for SVSU

    You helped create a more streamlined degree. Knowing what courses were required helped me to know what would save me time and money in college.

  • Cameron Whitfield, Network Management and Security Major/Intern at DTECameron Whitfield, Network Management and Security Major/Intern at DTE

    Anderson directed me towards different scholarships and helped me talk to my coach about more money from athletics. He also showed me that the market for my major would be in high demand.

  • Adam Wohlscheid, Financial Planner

    Anderson encouraged me to applying early in the school year and to look for scholarship opportunities both offered through the University and outside organizations.

  • Austin Urlaub, Student Association President, SVSUAustin Urlaub, Student Association President, SVSU

    The most valuable advice that Anderson gave me was on scholarships, how to have future jobs pay for future degrees, how many credits to take to graduate on time, and how to prioritize what is most valuable to my success.

  • Theresa Hessling, Assistant Principal, Huron Area Technical CenterTheresa Hessling, Assistant Principal, Huron Area Technical Center

    You advocated for students and help me help them. I always knew I could direct them to you and you would take care of them. I always told students to do their research but to get it verified by you as I knew you were the expert.

  • Nolan Twardy, Purchasing Lead, FaureciaNolan Twardy, Purchasing Lead, Faurecia

    Anderson helped me turn over every stone. You never know the full breadth of scholarships that are available until you look- and you may be surprised! He also showed me that there are many interesting ways to satisfy graduation requirements, like studying abroad and hands-on learning experiences. He also showed me that summer classes can free you up to have a little more time for extracurriculars during the fall and winter semesters. In my current role, I’ve been able to travel extensively and meet many international friends and colleagues!

  • Unbeaten resultsUnbeaten results

    100% of students said that they would "recommend my services to other students."

  • Gracie Lefler, Final Semester of Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy

    You were always an advocate for being involved and took a step-by-step approach on what to include in scholarship essays. You collaborated with academic advising to ensure that I was taking the right classes that fit my major. You were my biggest mentor and role model at Saginaw Valley and I’m beyond grateful for your impact on my college experience!

  • Daniel Wohlscheid, Senior at Saginaw Valley State UniversityDaniel Wohlscheid, Senior at Saginaw Valley State University

    It was clear that you cared about what I was concerned about. You went out of your way to inform me about opportunities for me to make school less of a financial burden. You always found a way steer me in the right direction and I was always informed of potential options to stay on pace or even finish [my degree] ahead of schedule.