How to view and accept your financial aid awards:

This video from Delta College shows you how to view and accept your financial aid awards. SVSU students follow the same steps.

Don’t worry, most students and families are confused the first few times they read their award letters. We’ve written a short article and created a video to help it all make sense.

You can book a virtual appointment with Anderson by suggesting 3 possible times. Anderson will confirm one of them and you will receive an email and text confirmation.

The Summer Success program is designed to make the move from high school to college easier for Bay Commitment Scholarship recipients.

What Bay Commitment Advisors Are:
Experts: We have decades of experience in admissions, financial aid and the steps to enroll in college. We are here to support your college transition and give you 1-on-1 advice.
Great listeners: We believe each student has their own backstory and future pathway- and we love to hear about yours. This helps us connect you to just the right resources for success based on your academic, financial and personal needs.

Academics: Picking the Right Classes and Passing Them
  • Signing up for Orientation (where you build your class schedule)
  • Understanding your class schedule
  • Scheduling placement tests to ensure that you end up in the correct math and English classes
  • Scheduling a tour of campus to see important offices that are there to help
Cost: Financial Aid and Payment Arrangements
  • Submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Completing loan entrance counselling and master promissory notes (repayment agreements) if you are taking out Federal Student Loans
  • Making sure your balance is covered so that your class schedule doesn’t get deleted
Timelines, Checklists and Accounts
  • Creating logins for the FAFSA
  • Checking to see if you are eligible for TIP funding
  • Accessing your college email and setting it to forward to your personal email
  • Signing up for housing and/or meal plans
Life: Overcoming Unexpected Challenges
  • Confirming or locating reliable transportation to and from classes
  • Confirming or locating adequate technology resources for academic success
  • Ensuring that you have meaningful adult support as you make the transition to college

What Bay Commitment Advisors Are Not:
Sales people: We’re not here to convince you a specific degree, college or career pathway is the correct one for you; instead, we help you navigate your personal path. Our role is to help, encourage and support you toward the goals you’ve set.
Licensed Counselors/Psychologists: “Life” can be the biggest obstacle for some students. We appreciate the impact mental health and personal relationships play on college success and we are happy to connect you with the best resources on your campus.